Casey Jones (RN MS CNS) a visiting Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery worked with a committee of the Pioneer Nursing Student Class and faculty Department to secure a Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) Grant.  The grant was titled "Technology in the Hands of Nursing Students" and focused on the procurement of 18 laptop computers.  

As a result on Friday 2nd February 2018, 18 laptops were received from Danish Hope, an NGO that works on Civil Society projects in Jinja. Fundraising for the project was completed through the PCPP website run by Peace Corps, Washington USA.  Funds were provided after Assistant Lecturer Casey toured at five universities in the United States, lecturing about the development of Muni University’s new Bachelor of Nursing Science and his role as a Global Health Service Partnership Volunteer.  

On February 10, 2018 the final exercise of the grant will be realized with a training course in Microsoft Office for the Pioneer Class of Nursing Students to be held at the main Campus.  The course will be taught by Peace Corps Volunteer Samantha Strimling and her counterpart Robert Musisi, who both work with Bugadde SACCO in Iganga.