Peace Corps-Seed Global Health, a significant partner of Muni University has donated a variety of nursing kits to the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. The kits that were delivered to the University by Dr. Steven Lubyero on 31st January 2018, are meant to further the outstanding work of the Faculty in launching the first Bachelor of Nursing Science program available in the West Nile Region.
The package included 36 Adult Medical Examination Kits, 12 Pediatric Examinations kits and 12 Midwifery kits. All the kits included a stethoscope, a pulse oximeter, and a blood pressure cuff but the Midwifery kits also included a fetoscope that is used to listen to babies inside the mother.
Finally the support included a Doppler ultrasound monitor for small ultrasound exams.
With donations such as these, Muni University promises to be a premier nursing institution in Uganda and the greater East African region.

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