A two day workshop has been held at Muni University from Tuesday 6th to Wednesday 7th February 2018 on sustainable investment and capacity building in Northern west Nile refugee areas.

The workshop that was organized by the Lake Albert foundation, a partner of Muni University was aimed at enhancing capacity of the Yumbe host economy to accommodate future cross boarder migration, sustainable private investment in innovative production technology and Coordination of migration response intervention in the rehabilitation phase

The Vice Chancellor of Muni University, Professor Christine Dranzoa welcomed the participants to Muni University and thanked the Lake Albert foundation for partnering with the university. She said Muni University is involved in the issue of refugees and as a higher institution, plays a pivotal role in education and also in coordinating other stakeholders adding that a big number of the refugees are settled on the university land in Bidi bidi refugee camp- Yumbe District hence the issue of refugees is taken seriously. She said a workshop like this would help in brainstorming and getting a perspective in addressing the problems facing refugees and in this scenario, every stakeholder participation is very vital in addressing the various needs. She urged the partners to explore view points on opportunities for coordinated creative ways of doing things, what partners can do together and how best which positively impacts on refugees, it needs a lot of creativity, and how best can we have impact using the triple helix approach to leverage our capacities for trainings to manage the crisis together.  She emphasized the importance of the workshop and advised all partners to make their contributions without fear or favour in order to build a better capacity for management of crisis in a sustainable manner.

The workshop discussions focused on the current situation in Yumbe district in relation to the refugee crisis, challenges and opportunities, setting direction for solutions, way forward to sustainable investment and capacity building and Actions on the short and medium term.
Partners in attendance included;

  • Non-Governmental organizations
  • Academia
  • Private sector
  • Donor agencies
  • Yumbe District Local Government