Staff and students of Muni University were trained on sustainable bamboo plantation management and harvesting. The training was organized by the Muni University Bamboo Project and facilitated by Mr. Jayaram Durai, the Regional Programs Manager, and Mr. Andrew Ndawula Kalema, the National Project Coordinator - International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).

Muni University is currently implementing a nine month Project funded by INBAR. The goal of the project is to contribute towards the promotion of rural livelihoods and sustainable development through the conservation and utilization of Bamboo in the West Nile Sub region, with specific objectives of improving livelihood options of rural communities by increasing bamboo value chain production beyond community levels and to build high quality institutional capacity for an integrated bamboo conservation and sustainable utilization.

A nursery has been established at Muni University with the aim of propagating bamboo plantlets, provide skills training in nursery establishment to communities and the general public and serve as a demonstration site for bamboo growing and management.
The nursery was established with 5 species which include Common Bamboo, Cane bamboo, savannah bamboo, Giant bamboo and Burmese bamboo with 3100 plantlets.

A survey was conducted in Moyo, Nebbi and Zombo districts through focus group discussions to assess the needs and potential of communities for livelihoods and to collect baseline data on the bamboo value chain in the three districts with relatively large natural bamboo reserve.