Ms. Betty Nyangwire is a Laboratory technician for Crop Science at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Betty is finalizing her Master of Science in Crop Science degree, majoring in Plant protection, from Makerere University. Her Master’s thesis project focuses on biocontrol of nematodes. She holds a Bachelor of Science Technology-Biology degree from Kyambogo University.
Betty previously worked with the National Banana Research Programme at the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) Kawanda, as Research Assistant (Plant pathology) with the Banana breeding programme. She participated in screening a number of banana hybrids for resistance to banana pests and diseases including; Banana weevils, Fusarium wilt of bananas, Nematodes and Xanthomonus wilt. She has also trained a number of farmers on the proper farming practices with emphasis on proper pest and disease management to achieve better yield.
Betty’s research interests are in Plant pathology, Plant Breeding for pest and disease resistance using both conventional and molecular tools, Nematology, Entomology, Biotechnology and plant tissue culture.

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