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[   ]Final - Bidding Documents for Laboratory Consumables Reagent and apparatus -UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 10:56 857K 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Advertising Services in National Radio Stations-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 10:56 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Air Ticketing and Related Services -UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 10:54 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Catering Services for workshops and meetings at Muni University-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 10:56 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Cesspool Emptying Services-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 10:58 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Conferences and accomodation services in Arua-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:00 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Electrical repair and maintenance works & related supplies-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:03 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Engraving and labelling services-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:06 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Hire of Tents Chairs PAS & Decorations-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:06 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Maintenance & calibrartion services of laboratory equipment and apparatus-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:08 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Maintenance and repair of Air Conditioners including Fridges-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:09 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Maintenance and repair of Generators-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:11 12M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Maintenance and repair to Motor Cycles & Hand Mower-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:12 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:14 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Newspaper Advertising services-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:17 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Plumbing repair and maintenance works & related supplies-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-29 12:26 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of Security and Guards Services-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:21 11M 
[   ]SBD for Provision of repair and maintenance to Motor Vehicles including replacement of tyres-UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.rtf2022-09-28 11:20 14M 
[   ]SBD for Supply & Delivery of Assorted Newspapers UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:22 670K 
[   ]SBD for Supply & Delivery of bottled drinking water and soft drinks UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:23 667K 
[   ]SBD for Supply of Assorted Branded Promotional Items UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:24 1.1M 
[   ]SBD for Supply of Assorted Cleaning and Sanitary Materials UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:25 795K 
[   ]SBD for Supply of Assorted Drugs & Medical Sundries UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:26 1.4M 
[   ]SBD for Supply of Assorted General Printed Stationery UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:27 811K 
[   ]SBD for Supply of Assorted Office Stationery UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:27 1.0M 
[   ]SBD for Supply of Fuel Oil and Lubricants UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 11:29 655K 
[   ]SBD for Supply of assorted Toner & Cartidges UNDER-FRAMEWORK-ARRANGEMENT.doc2022-09-28 10:40 808K