To build capacity of the Staff in a Public Institutions in respect to child centered research, AfriChild has designed a program and selected 30 staff from 8 selected universities which includes Muni University, Makerere University, Kyambogo University, and Gulu University among others. A survey was conducted in order to determine the level of knowledge of the Lecturers in the different aspects and components of Research and Publications. Having been helped by the survey they conducted, they designed a program to fill in this gap and asked these universities to nominate their Staff and from the nominated Lecturers, 30 were selected from all these universities and in particular Muni University has benefited through four Staff who were nominated  to AfriChild, they  are to undergo this training which is a three year training designed in such a way that it equips them with research methods and emphasises on the child centered research, it also equips them in Grant writing and Publication skills.

The Staff have been trained already in research methodology, grant writing and the training has taken a practical approach.

The team from Muni consisted of Lecturers Fr Solomon Ngos Pachuto, Mr. Benson Oloya, Mr.Arop Martin and the Late Sulayi Oron. These staff had to write a proposal for a researchable topic and they won a grant for Twenty Million Shillings and they are now for a face to face which begun on the 21st of January 2019. They will soon get to the field to collect data that they will analyse after which make dissemination through Publications.

AfriChild is an organisation whose interest is to build capacity of Academic Staff in Universities in research but they focus their research to the area of Children. This is because as an organisation AfriChild has realised that there is need for Government to come up with Policies regarding Children in order to take care of the wellbeing of the Child. AfriChild has discovered that most of the researches done in the country are far away from Child centered research as such it leaves the Child inadequately planned for and taken care of.

According to the University Secretary Rev. Fr. Dr. Odubuker Picho Epiphany, Muni is a young Public University and as such the University needs to build capacity of staff most especially the Academic Staff in order for them to able to carry out the 3 core mandates of the University that is Teaching and Learning, Research and Community Engagements.

“We realise that we have young staff most of whom have not encountered advanced research and such it remains an area which needs their capacity built in while we recognise the fact that they are doing very effectively in teaching but in research we need to build their capacity all the more so that they will improve on their research areas, make Publications and contribute to the body of existing knowledge, We want to express our gratitude to Afri Child for taking interest and building the capacity of our staff in the area of research and most especially child focused research which is not common in this country”

Dr.Odubuker is among the four research experts selected by AfriChild  to design this program and mentor the trainees for the three year period in Research methodology, grant writing and in publication.

He revealed that following the success stories so far made, AfriChild would like to recycle the program so that more Lecturers are brought on board in order to widen the number of Lecturers who will be doing good research, writing good grants and also making publications. They intend to roll it out in such a way that while they have the Center in the Central Region, they should start another centre for the North in Muni University that is why the Executive Director Miss Joyce Wanican came to seek collaboration with Muni University, see the facilities available and what Muni University will be able to provide so that they create another center for training Lecturers in research to improve and build their capacity in that area.

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