Muni University (MU) is a public university situated in Arua, West Nile, in Uganda. It is one of the public universities and degree-awarding institutions in the country, licensed and supervised by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. Recently, the university established the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (FAES).The Faculty is well positioned to meet the challenges of a growing population that seeks for food security, safety and wellness through the sustainable use of natural resources.

A model Faculty for transformation and development

To provide quality agricultural education, generate knowledge, promote innovations and community empowerment for transformation.

Strategic Results
Strategic Result 1:    Enhanced Student Success and Optimised Enrollment
Strategic Result 2:    Empower the Engines of Discovery and Application
Strategic Result 3:    Create Dynamic, Customer/Stakeholder-focused Educational Products, Services, and Impact
Strategic Result 4:    Be a Trusted Source of Information and Provide Collaborative Solutions that Balance Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability
Strategic Result 5:    Strengthen Leadership, Innovation, Participation, and Recognition within the Faculty