The Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof.Anguma Simon Katrini (left) and The University Secretary Rev.Fr.Dr.OdubukerPicho Epiphany (Right) of Muni University welcome Dr.Jane Egau Commissioner of Teacher Education at Ministry of Education and Sports (Centre) who represented Hon.Janet Museveni as Chief Guest at the Symposium

The 1st West Nile Education Symposium organised by WENDA coordinated by Agha Khan Foundation was held at Muni University from Thursday 14th to Friday 15th March 2019 with a theme:“improving the quality of teaching and learning: ideas for West Nile”

The West Nile Development Association (WENDA) is an association that brings together Leaders to strengthen unity to coordinate development in the West Nile region.

According to the Chairperson of WENDA, Hon.Hassan Nginya Said,one of the objectives of WENDA is to ensure social and economic development among the societies. The symposium addresses one of the focus areas, which is education; and soon they will organise an economic symposium. He encouraged all the District Local Governments to take the symposium seriously and cascade the actions to the lower Local Governments. He thanked the management of Muni University for hosting the symposium and urged Parents all over the country to make use of the state of art facilities at Muni University and take advantage of the unique courses offered at the University.

The Vice Chancellor who was represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Muni University, Associate Professor Anguma Simon Katrini welcomed the team to Muni University for the 1st symposium and thanked the chairman WENDA who is the lead convener of the symposium and Agha Khan foundation for choosing Muni University as host for the symposium. He further thanked the organizers for involving all key stakeholders from the West Nile Region and greater Northern Uganda. He again applauded partners in finding sustainable solutions to the key issues that have continued to impact negatively on the quality of learning outcomes such as numeracy, literacy, and basic life skills expected in normal path way of primary as well as limited attainment of skills in secondary education.

Adding,this step taken for reflection by all stakeholders in understanding the state of education in the region is in the right direction in fast tracking innovative initiatives for holistic reformation in teaching and learning; school environment as well as re-tooling the teacher to regain the dignity, professionalism, and ethos of educators.

The First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports, Hon.Janet Museveni, who was represented by the Commissioner of Teacher Education, Dr.Jane Egau thanked the Chairperson WENDA and his team for organising the symposium. He continued to applaud the organizers for paying critical attention to the educational issues in the region and for giving special focus on the issues affecting the Teacher as key to improved teaching and learning. This is a clear indication that as a region,you have recognized the role education plays in the development of the region and the country at large.

She stated that:
“Government recognises the critical ingredients in providing quality education as the availability of a safe and conducive teaching and learning environment, appropriate instructional materials, and quality of teachers as you deliberate on educational issues in this region. I urge you to critically examine the status of those ingredients in our system in the region and agree on practical solutions to fill the gaps”.

During the two-day conference, the participants were able to examine the status of education in the region and answer why the performance of schools has deteriorated. This can be achieved through exploring answers to several questions and learning from key note speakers, discussions, and exhibitions.The following commitments were signed at the end of the symposium.

The following commitments were signed at the end of the symposium.

(i)    WENDA to hold annual education symposium and cascade to Districts and sub counties.
(ii)    The MOES and Education partners to retool, reskill, and professionalise the Teachers in host and Refugee communities to improve learning outcomes.
(iii)    Muni University and WestNile Foundation should undertake research on educational issues and disseminate the findings.
(iv)    The PTCs and education Partnersshould skill and train Children and Youths to improve their livelihood.

Partners that participated included:

(i)    OPM
(ii)   Ministry of Education and Sports
(iii)   Uganda National Examinations Board
(iv)   WestNile District Local Governments of Arua,Maraca,Koboko,Yumbe,Moyo,Adjumani,Nebbi,Zombo, and Packwarch.
(v)    Aga khan Foundation Uganda
(vi)   Muni university
(vii)   UNHCR and other implementing partners.


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