A local language conference was held at Muni University from 14th to 15th June 2018 at the university Guest House Conference Hall.
Objectives of the workshop

  • To develop local language preservation in West Nile
  • Find out what has been done in writing of various languages
  • Learn the process of writing
  • Learn the importance of teaching local languages.

The conference attracted participants from the District Language Boards, National Language Board, and Teachers of West Nile Local Languages, including Lugbara, Aringa, Alur, Jonam, Kakwa, Okebu, Lendu and Ma’di.
Topics Discussed

  • How to encourage publication of materials in local languages
  • The role of universities as archives and promoters of local languages and culture
  • The role of local languages in formal primary and secondary education.
  • What role can libraries play in preserving and promoting local languages The role of the African story book project in promoting literacy and local language.

The conference was concluded by showing a movie titled: The Linguists.

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