On April 5, 2018 the Department of Education in Muni University organized an open lecture on comparative education with specific focus on the education system in the United States of America. The lecture was facilitated by a senior educationist from the USA called Sherry Meyer. Sherry holds a doctorate in educational administration, curriculum and supervision and a master degree in theology. She worked in many schools as a teacher and principal in the USA before coming to work in Arua Diocese.  

The aim of the open Lecture was to make the participants understand in a comparative manner the education system in USA and Uganda. In a very participatory manner, Sherry took the participants of the lecture through the education system to understand the similarities and differences between the education system of USA and Uganda. The two hour lecture was moderated by Rev. Fr. Solomon Ngos Pacuto who is the lecturer for Historical and Comparative perspectives of education at Muni University.

Dr.Sherry at muni


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