Dr. James kajete (Fourth Right),Hon Habib Tibrichu Vice Chair Muni University Council (third Right),Prof.ChristineDranzoa (second Right) and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Prof. Anguma Simon Katrini (Fourth Left) with Staff of Muni University in front of the Administrative block.

Dr. James kajete, Vice President Europe and Africa Operations, visited Muni University to ascertain the level of preparedness of the university towards the West Nile Symposium as well as provide guidance on possible investment areas that will attract interest from the German Investors.

According to the Vice Chancellor Muni University Prof. Christine Dranzoa, Dr. James Kajete is the link between UgandaGovernment and the German Business Community.He has been helping to link the university with DOILA which is a network of over 13 companies that deal in trainings, the companies intend to come to Uganda and work out an Inter Institutional network.

Key among his discussions with the management of the university was the Post-Harvest centre which is to be established at Muni University of which Dr. Kajete mobilised the CEO of RIELA company to sponsor.
The functions of the Post-Harvest Centre that will be established include;

  1. To train Farmers, Agricultural extension workers and Students on post-harvest management
  2. To provide post-harvest services like storage processing of cereals to the farmers in the West Nile region
  3. To reduce post-harvest losses and improve on food security.

One of his Dr. Kajete’s missions was to support the agricultural projects and provide information that there’s funding for the agricultural project and key among these projects included agricultural development projects at Madi Okollo (where the university has vast land) like animal production- diary, poultry, piggery, apiculture for incomegeneration for the university and production of animal feeds.
He was taken to see a number of cites to ascertain which one was most conducivefor the establishment of the Post-harvest Centre.

Dr. James M. Kajete, is also the CEO & Chairman Board of Directors of UHURU Group of Companies and a consultant at Stratagem Global. From 2004 to 2014, he was the European representative of NEPAD Council and chairman of its commission of socio-economic development &trade, heading the NEPAD Council Europe Office. Dr. Kajete has worked on European Union Africa developments funded projects and with several companies/organizations including REWE and REAL firms, Deutsche-Forst Consult GmbH, former Uganda Commercial Bank's Rural Famers Scheme in Kampala Uganda.