The Prime Minister of Alur kingdom Rt.Hon. Vincent Ochaya accompanied by the Executive Secretary Mr. Oyukutu Valente and Yonai O Uriem Land Board Chairman, visited Muni University on Monday 23th April 2018 on request of the king of Alur kingdom as a follow up on request made by Muni University for a piece of land.

pm alur

The visit was to understand and know the purpose for which the land was required, the size and the benefits to the community.
The Vice Chancellor Professor Christine Dranzoa welcomed the team to Muni University and expressed gratitude for their visit. She said the logic behind the desired intervention is threefold;

  1. Training and support agricultural value chain in highland traditional and nontraditional export crops (Horticulture, Iris potatoes, apples, coffee, tea, etc),
  2. Increased Production via Technology transfers,
  3. Diversify income, nutritional base, Ultimate Household Food security and Reduced Poverty in the Kingdom and Region.

Professor revealed that the land would also be used for setting up agricultural demonstrations from which the people would be able to learn from and put in to practice to improve on their farming practices.

“Our Prayer is that this common vision of seeing transformed communities will be supported by the king by offering a land parcel on pro-bono basis to permit competence based-practical training of the people at certificate, diploma, degree levels in highland-agricultural value chain production and agribusiness”. She concluded.
The Prime Minister of the kingdom Rt Hon. Vincent Ochaya stated that the purpose for the land required was satisfactory and the kingdom had no objection but to offer the University land whose size would be determined during next kingdom Council meeting.

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