Year two Students of Bachelor of Education were on Friday 11th of May 2018 briefed in preparation for their school practice.
The students who have already been placed in various Secondary Schools in West Nile region were taken through the Teachers Code of conduct by the University Deputy Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs, Associate Professor Anguma Simon Katrini.


Professor Simon made emphasis on the role of the teacher which is to educate and the ethical values of respect, care, integrity, and trust which underpin the standards of teaching, knowledge, skills, competence, and conduct of a teacher.
He took them through Teachers’ Professional conduct, Professional and Personal responsibilities, Teacher-Learner relationships, Teachers’ relationship with the Communities and environment, a session that extremely excited the students due to the much applied humour by the Associate Professor.

The University Academic Registrar Mr.Opio Felix Okello congratulated the students for completing the semester and the first phase of the examinations. He said the school practice is not only a classroom teaching affair but it means getting involved in all the co-curricular activities of the school.
He urged the student teachers to encourage students to like their subjects like Maths, Chemistry and Physics. He cautioned them to act and behave professionally, communicate effectively and avoid use of slang.

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