The Management of Muni University were on Monday 7th May 2018 sensitised on MElimu Platform by Sumit Paliwal a Sales and Support Manager Melimu Kenyatta University, Nairobi.

MElimu is a Kiswahili word that stands for Mobile education. The platform according to Mr Sumit has three functions, to promote Higher education and e learning, provide Corporate training platform, and Skills development platform.
He said the e learning platform has numerous functions which include the following;

  1. ELearning interaction between Lecturers, Students and Administration.
  2. Can be used to generate time tables, record students’ attendance and gives percentage of attendance.
  3. Running some mentorship short courses.
  4. General networking
  5. Preplacement offers
  6. Alumni platforms for interaction
  7. The system can be linked to the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) which is currently running.
  8. Allows for online Application, Administration, Admission and Approvals
  9. Can manage multiple funding methods
  10. Generating reports
  11. Online counselling
  12. Viewing course content
  13. Has online calendar for noting assignments
  14. Teaching using mobile applications
  15. Teleconferencing
  16. Students assessment for instance number of tests done, percentages using compliance dash boards, teacher attendance can be monitored and recorded

The Dean Faculty of Techno Science Dr. Geoffrey Andogah, confirmed that the System is good and promotes eLearning.

According Mr. Sumit, the cost of running the system annually is 67 million Uganda shillings.
MElimu is currently running in over 10 Universities in Kenya, South Africa, West Africa and Cairo.

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