Mr. Orionzi, who is an employee of St John’s University in the United States of America, visited Muni University on June 29, 2018.

He is also a Board member of Muni Labs, a company limited by Guarantee and incorporated in the United States of America, on one hand. On the other hand, he is also a Board member of Muni Labs Uganda Limited, an NGO to be registered with the Uganda NGO Board as a subsidiary of Muni Labs Company.

Muni University and Muni Labs Company are both desirous in building a partnership for enhancing laboratory, research, and teaching capacity at Muni University. Therefore, the purpose of the visit was to familiarize himself with the laboratory physical infrastructure at Muni University and make assessments on occupational and environmental health hazards associated with laboratory physical infrastructure.

During his visit, he was accompanied on a tour of the Multipurpose Health Sciences Block by the Engineers from the Estates and Works Departments of Muni University. His general evaluation of the occupational and environmental status of the laboratory was excellent and was satisfied with the planning and the set-up.

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