Hello Dear comrades, hope you are all doing well.  First of all, I thank God for the protection he has given us from the very beginning up-to-date. Secondly, I send my sincere gratitude to Muni University Administration, especially our Lecturers and Madam Dean for their tireless commitment in all they do towards the progress of Muni University and betterment of students’ welfare, I continue to convey my heart felt gratitude to fellow students who have successfully completed recess term, school practice and internship, thank you for your commitment and hard work, I’m grateful to God for this!     
I also take this opportunity to welcome the new students (year ones) and the continuing students to the 1st semester of the academic year 2018/2019. For our sisters and brothers joining Muni University for the first time, feel at home and free to consult any Guild Leader as they will be introduced to you, otherwise in Muni University, we are family and let's keep on working together for us to be able to transform lives as our motto stipulates.
Wish you all the best as we begin this academic year, may God continue guiding and protecting us.         
Muni University- Transforming lives.         
For God and My Country


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