I extol the almighty God who has bestowed unto us His mercy and love as a country, region and to Muni University as a gift to transform People’s lives.

It’s a great honour to be part of the 6th public University and would wish to congratulate everyone who has managed to join the Muni Family which is not only caring, educative and responsive but also upholds a unified culture of ‘Each for All and All for Each’

The Guild leadership is composed of the President as the Executive head, five executive members, 12 Ministers and 29 Guild Councillors from the different institutional constituencies. These are democratically held positions and the holders are mandated to represent, uphold and keep the interests of those that they lead as they are a direct link between the Students and the Administration. The Guild is non-partisan, equal opportunity student-led.

We embrace a unique civilised culture of the intellectuals under which we acknowledge corrective reasoning guided by the religion to dialogue and reach constructive decisions for the development of our University as a model University. Acts of violence are regarded a disgrace in The Muni Family and are greatly unacceptable. The Students are highly organised and follow the proper channels to settle any grievances that may arise. This is the behaviour we teach from day 1 of our orientation up to the end of the Students stay and we do this as a way of shaping the country’s future into responsible citizens.
The Guild also respects and supports the diversity of cultures and traditions of all the Students and Staff. In that regard, there are a number of cultural associations like, Muni University West Nile Students Association (MUWESA), Muni University Luo Students Association (MULSA), Banyakitara Students Association of Muni University (BASAMU), Muni University Eastern Students Association (MUESA) and Muni University Nkobazambogo Students Association (MUNKOSA)

The Students Guild under its ministries organises on campus and off campus activities aimed at mentoring Students in their social life. Among them include;
Sports (Football, Netball, Volley ball, Wood ball and Table Tennis/Ping Pong) and Mind games (Chess, Draft and Scrabble).
Academic activities. The Guild understand that one’s greatest weapon is his mental health and how better he uses it. It has therefore created avenues to enhance the Students innovative capacities for example through Skills nurturing programs, Innovations contests, Academic debates and it continues to work hand in hand with the Administration to support other programs like the incubation of ideas.

With that brief introduction, we welcome everyone to join us, Put Muni first and as Students, to pursue a common goal of transforming and securing the future of our predecessors, ourselves and our Successors. The Students Guild is there to uphold proper Leadership as it’s the only service we can offer to the community as the rent of living on earth.