Stakeholders’ engagement meeting (AKDN)


Muni University research team under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Prof. Odubuker Picho Epiphany (Principal Investigator) won a grant to conduct research in pre-primary and primary schools in West Nile, Uganda. The research proposal titled: Fostering Learners’ Academic Achievement through Continuous Teacher Professional Learning and Gender Responsive and Inclusive Education in Pre-Primary and Primary Schools in West Nile, Uganda: School Leadership and Management as the Key Driver, attracted funding from Aga Khan University with support from Global Affairs Canada/Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). The research team comprised of Rev. Fr. Professor Odubuker Picho Epiphany (Principal Investigator), Polycarp Omara (Co-Principal Investigator), Betty Akwongo (Co-Investigator) and Bakole Carolyne (Co-Investigator).

The research is a component of a 5-year “Foundations for Learning (F4L)” Project that is being implemented in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda).The study investigates the relationship between school leadership and management, teacher professional learning, gender-responsive and inclusive education and learners’ academic achievement in pre-primary and primary schools in West Nile, Uganda.


The Principal Investigator, Rev. Fr. Professor Odubuker Picho Epiphany in his remarks said that the study's results are expected to inform policy, research and practices of all education stakeholders specifically on achieving quality and lifelong education through emphasis on gender-responsive and inclusive education.

During the stakeholders’ engagement meeting on 07/5/2024, attended by the DEOs, the Vice Chancellor Muni University, represented by Mr. Banya Emmanuel (Muni University Secretary), expressed that education is the pillar of a successful life. He challenged the leaders in the line of Education regarding the poor performance in the West Nile region due to lack of follow-up and appraisals for teachers. “Head teachers and inspectors do not supervise the employees/ teachers as required”, he added. He emphasised refresher training for Teachers to cope with changing Education curriculum, for example, the revised O-level curriculum meant to enhance learners’ competence.


Prof. Kajobe (Directorate of Research and Graduate Training) applauded that, the research is well designed and aimed at solving the crisis of education in the entire West Nile region, thus the identified untapped gaps could be handled by MUNIRIF. He said that the project objectives fall within the aims and core functions of Muni University which are teaching, learning and scholarship; research, innovation, knowledge generation/preservation and community outreach activities.

The Arua City Education Officer emphasised the university’s role in community engagement and collaborating with education stakeholders in order to strengthen education systems right from early childhood so as to improve quality education. He called on his colleagues in the education departments to strengthen support supervision in all schools.